R Club

Chapter 2 homework, part 1

due by: 2016-02-11

posted by: Julin Maloof

The assignment for this week is 2E1 - 2E4, 2M3, and 2M4 from chapter 2.


I have created a github repository for each of you to hold your R Club assignments. It is named


(where your actual name is substituted). Within that repository is a directory Assignment_2016_02_11 and within that directory a template file 2016-02-11-assignment.md for your answers. Please enter your answers in the 2016-02-11-assignment.md.


The file is a markdown file. Markdown is a nice way to format text files and there are many tools for converting markdown text to nice PDFs or html. Indeed this page (and the whole website) is written in markdown. We will probably delve more into markdown in a subsequent class but if you want to learn more now, see this quick tutorial

You can edit the markdown file with any text editor, but if you use Rstudio then you can preview the formatted text (click on the “preview” button near the top of the editor). Another nice option is to use a programmer’s editor such as atom or sublime text; with appropriate plugins these will do syntax highlighting and previews for .md files. Finally, there are many dedicated markdown editors such as MacDown that will display an editor and a formatted text window at the same time. Whatever you do, DO NOT use a word processor, such as Word

If you don’t want to think about markdown at this point, just open the file and type your answers in the appropriate spot.

Getting and turning in the assignments

  • Use your web browser to go to GitHub
  • Look through your repositories to find your Rclub-rethinking_FirstName.LastName Repository
  • Copy the ssh or html link for cloning it
  • Go to whatever git application you are using (SourceTree or the Github app or command line) and clone the Repository
  • Open the 2016-02-11-assignment.md file in your favorite text editor (see above)
  • Enter your answers
  • Save, commit, and push as appropriate
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